Happy f**kin birthday! 

Monday morning, after a good workout at the gym I am on route to work with good thoughts. I have started off well! Then I turn up at work and it’s someone’s birthday. I should be happy for them but I know my self control is going to be tested like mad. I walk into the staffroom and presented by Victoria sponge, cookies, brownies. Why?  why do these people think that is it okay to fatten me up just because they are a year older? If you like us that much get a fruit platter or just some money. Most of the time we don’t even know whose birthday it is before we grab that cake. 

So ye I ate the cake, a brownie and a cookie with my tea. Thank you very much I now need to go back the gym on Tuesday. 

Later that week, it was another birthday (happy birthday random person I never speak to). I started thinking of how I could avoid the the same situation and I did these things and it actually worked:

Stopped telling others that I was trying to cut done because they just say stuff like “You don’t need to cut down.”.. Or “Its just one, you’ll be fine!”… That’s not helpful 

Go in the staffroom already eating something else like nuts. 

Do what I need to do (normally make coffee) and get the hell out of there away from all that lovely food.

And this time it worked. Well done me. Let’s get ready for the struggle next time though!


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